After the storm

After the storm

photo credit Nate Fifield

A few days ago, a storm raged all day and most of the night. The rain poured, the wind howled, the thunder crashed and the lightening zig-zagged across the darkened sky. The best place to be was inside.

Yesterday, as I set off from home barely a whisper of a breeze ruffled the leaves across the now dry ground. There was a deep sense of calm. It felt as if nature sighed as it realised that it had survived the storm.

As I walked along, I could help thinking about the times in our lives when the storms pound through our own lives, causing us to run for the safety of home.
As nature, does not know how long the storm would rage, we do not know how the storms will rage through our life and all we can do is hold on. Yet, there always comes a time when the storms abate and we can finally give a sigh of relief as we surround ourselves with calm.

As natures storms come and go, so will our storms come and go. In the middle of the storms we need to remind ourselves that we survived the last one, we will also survive the present one and next one to come, as well.

The after the storm comes the peace and the calm assurance that allows us to sigh and move on. For after the storm, comes a rainbow.


2 thoughts on “After the storm

  1. Wise words Beverley.. yes the storms of life are here often to allow the rainbows to follow.. And yes that was a strong storm that swept through wasn’t it… It broke a branch off my daughters tree, blew our bins about And the roads were flooded round and about us.. Hope you are well my friend.. xxx

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