Silence is not always golden

Silence is not always golden

meditationI managed to ask Geraldine how the meditation is going and replied like so –

‘It is going okay – only (pause) i keep forgetting and then when i don’t forget i find my brain talking to itself. Not only am i writing lists and planning meals i am having full conversation with myself…’

I assured Geraldine and let me assure you too that this is quite normal. Our brains are constantly working, some of the work is carried out silently (involuntary) such as your heart rate and kidney function and some work is under our control, such as movement and then other things are somewhere in the middle such as thinking. Our brains are very good at thinking, but after years of being told that women are good at multi-tasking new technology as proved that the brain is not capable of it, but switches quickly from one task to another.

All that said, we can control our thoughts. Now the moment i realise that i have managed to still my thinking, i am actually thinking – again! But meditation is not really about quieting the thoughts it is about the breath. I taught Geraldine how to count the breath in and out, how to slow the breath down and how to bring the focus back from the wandering mind to the breath. 

So what’s next?

There are some days that no matter how much i try and concentrate on the breath i am unable to quiet the thinking, this usually happens when i have had a busy day or if there are lots of important things to work through. This is when i turn to music. 

Using music is meditation is a good way to quiet down the wandering mind and helps me to bring my focus back to the breath. 

Choosing the right music – 

  1. The music should be 5-10 minutes in length
  2. It should be music only, no voices
  3. The intonation should be about the same all the way through – no loud or quiet parts or fast or slow
  4. Specific music can either be bought, downloaded or found on the internet 
  5. But any soft classical music can be used

The How to Guide – 

  1. Lie or sit comfortably
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Allow the music to ebb and flow through your body
  4. Try to concentrate on the breath rather than the music
  5. Remain in your meditative practice until the music ends, then allow your body to awaken slowly

Meditation, like everything else becomes easier the more you practice. Even though most of the time i now practice in silence i do on occasion find it useful to play a little music.